Jul 27, 2008

Diamse Family Reunion, Salt Lake City


Pictured here, a mess of people I'm related to in one form or another.  The largest fraction of folks in these pictures are Diamses, most of whom are LDS folk, and most of whom live near each other.  Thus the reason for having the reunion in Salt Lake City. Behind us, the Wasatch Mountains.

A few Ganzons (which include me) came out for the event, as well. This is the first time I've ever hung out with any third cousins (or second cousins once removed, or first cousins twice removed) in any quantity.  It was fun. I had to ask a bunch of people how we were related, so I could be sure to properly call someone auntie, uncle, or cousin, regardless of age.  (Note that in Asian-land, you would call your parents' cousins auntie or uncle.  The terms don't only apply to your parents' siblings.)*

My grandfather, Felix Diamse Ganzon, was first cousin to the Diamse who was father to five or six of the senior generation now living in Salt Lake City.  It's nice to meet more kin, especially when they're all very fun, and all so extremely kind and generous.  My understanding of the word "hospitality" is getting both wider and deeper on this little road trip around the country.  It's also a pleasure to spend more time around people of the LDS, of which I've known almost nothing.  I'm surprised that one of the most important features of my trip so far has been to spend time with evangelical Christians (in Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming) and now with Mormons.


*the song "I'm my own grandpa" did come up, which gave folks a chance to hear my North Carolina accent.

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Sep 29, 2006

Shaky and the Brick House (with video)

Shaky300 Did you know that September was our National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month? 

Me neither.  At least not until last week when I went to the Recovery Block Party sponsored by a dozen or so local government agencies and NGOs and hosted at Urban Ministries of Durham.

At left, Shaky shows his stuff. 

Better yet, click here for a video of Shaky doing it for the Brick House.  1MB and worth it if you like street dancing and/or the Commodores.  (It kills me that my knees aren't as good as Shaky's even though I'm younger.)

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