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Apr 07, 2010

What Message is the Universe Trying to Send Me?

Debit Card Last week I walked up to a Wachovia ATM that was still running with the prior customer's card inside.  I hit "return card" and turned around to see if "Susan Pearson" (not her real name) might still be in the parking lot.  I found her in her car, frantically going through her wallet.

Today I found another Wachovia debit card while I was sorting my mail at the post office.  I drove to the bank with hopes they could call "Scott Andrews" before he went through the trouble of cancelling his card.  (Unsigned -- shame on him.)  

At Wachovia, I gave the card to a friendly banker and mentioned that it was my second one of the week, then I headed back to my car.  But on the way out I spotted a set of keys on the counter by the door. Gave it to the same banker, who asked if I wanted a job.  Turns out that the keys belonged to someone's new Scion xB.  Dang -- I could use one of those right now.


Image yoinked from CreditCardForum.com

Would it have been extra rude of me to check her balance before returning the card?  What if it had been billions of dollars?

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You are The Finder Of Lost Items. It's sort of like being The Vampire Slayer except not as physically demanding.

Posted by: Lisa B | Apr 7, 2010 7:27:49 AM

You are The Observant One, whose powers are amplified when everyone else succumbs to allergy season?

Posted by: ACW | Apr 7, 2010 9:25:14 AM

If it was the Wachovia at the corner of Main and Ninth, perhaps it's just a popular place to abandon things, as I've found an ATM card there myself.

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas | Apr 11, 2010 6:28:51 PM

Could you please come wander around my house every now and then to help us find the myriad of lost things (mostly keys and socks)? So glad someone else is holding up the "finder" side of the world.
Just glad we lose our things (mostly) at home!

Posted by: Sandy | May 3, 2010 1:56:17 PM