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Feb 22, 2010

Where to Go for Reputable Environmental Decisionmaking Help?

The conusmers guide to effective environmental choices practical advice from the union of concerned scientists 7 70  I'm looking for a reliable resource for scientific opinions on environmental issues.  I remember being impressed by the Union of Concerned Scientists' 1999 book The Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices: Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists because it differentiated between big deal environmental problems and less-of-a-big-deal problems so that we could allocate our efforts accordingly (e.g., meat vs. vegetables is a bigger deal than paper vs. plastic).  I often want a similar title, updated for 2010.  For example, to address one visible concern of the environmentally conscious person today: what's the relative impact of worrying about my tire pressure vs. whether I'm drinking bottled water?  Or should I spend my next $25k on buying a new Prius, or should I just keep my old car very carefully in tune, buy a solar water heating system and a new heat pump, and donate the rest to a nonprofit that weatherproofs older homes in poor neighborhoods?

I welcome suggestions on organizations and/or publications that can help.  FYI: I don't have a sense of where the UCS sits on the credibility meter.  But I did like the intention of their 1999 effort.

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Feb 18, 2010

Your Childhood and Mine

Boulevard du Temple, Paris - Daguerreotype taken by Louis Daguerre.

Generational differentiator, diagnostic 1 -- your childhood photo was taken in which format:

a. digital
b. color
c. black and white
d. Daguerreotype

Diagnostic 2 -- television commercials in your childhood were:

a.  online
b.  louder than the TV show
c.  official show sponsors
d.  what television?

Diagnostic 3 -- childhood fruits and vegetables were:

a.  organic from the store
b.  from the store
c.  from the back yard
d.  organic from the back yard

Diagnostic 4 -- eggs were considered:

a.  good for you
b.  bad for you
c.  incredible, edible
d.  from the back yard


Boulevard du Temple, Paris - Daguerreotype taken by Louis Daguerre.

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Feb 02, 2010

Durham ZipSled

Durham Zip Sled

Prince St. just west of Anderson.  A neighbor with a truck and chains packed the snow down on Saturday. I got my rides in on Monday afternoon while no one was around.  It was nice of folks to leave all the sleds out.

On Saturday night, my pal KG and her s.o. J did a combination walk/sled commute to get from Prince St. to Duke's Page Auditorium, where they locked up their sleds to make sure they didn't go wandering.  The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra got a kick out of seeing KG and J unlock their vehicles.

Related dialogue from Monday afternoon with mailman:

Me: We really impressed that you delivered the mail on Saturday
Mailman: Yeah, that sucked.
Me: We still appreciated it.
Mailman: Well that's what we do.

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