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Dec 20, 2009

Family Style

Sanjoto living room

Above, a pic from last year's southern Texas visit with my Indonesian/Vietnamese cousins and their American-raised kids. They live in a Texas-sized house but this is how they hang when they're at home: all together plus their dog (and in this pic, my dad).

Mom, dad and I will spend Christmas there this year.  Around the living room we will have people born in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia and the United States.  I hope we'll eat lots of Mexican food and that I won't be a holiday recluse who avoids the living room because there are too many people :-)


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I think this is what I liked about the extended family all piling in at the beach for a week when I was a kid. We never got to see each other much during the year, so when beach week rolled around, we woke up early, spent the whole day together, and didn't retreat to our bedrooms until it was time to pass out from sheer exhaustion.
As an adult, of course, I kind of avoid family functions in general. Hmm.
Have a great visit!! :)

Posted by: ACW | Dec 20, 2009 2:24:21 PM

Wow! Five family members in such close proximity and it doesn't look as if they are interacting with one another! It's like a really comfortable looking internet cafe. ;)

Posted by: Lenore | Dec 21, 2009 8:13:50 PM