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Oct 05, 2009

Hurricane Seasons

Grace of my HeartFor my pal Grace, who had a real hurricane* named after her this year:

The 2009 list of tropical storms / hurricanes, If pirates ran the World Meteorological Association:

  • Hurricane Arrrrthur
  • Barrrrtholemew
  • Carrrrter
  • Darrrrrothy
  • Edgarrrrr
  • Farrrrrley
  • Grace o' my Harrrrrt.

Rumor has it that 2010 will be named by old school developers. Hacked out of somebody's core dump, planned names include: Hurricanes ASCII, BASIC, C++, DevJam** and EPROM.

Recent excavations in northern Sinai have revealed two seasons from antiquity, when Mediterranean storms were apparently more common than now.  One season included tropical storms Anubis, Bal, Carnac, and Darius.***  Another season included Avraham, Binyamin, Chaim, and Dori.  It is not yet known whether these two seasons represented a time of peaceful power sharing between the Egyptians and the Israelites, or a wresting of power from one by the other.


*From the National Hurricane Center, this morning at 11: ..."GRACE SHOULD BE ABSORBED BY A FRONT BY TUESDAY MORNING."  BTW on the Grace of my Heart soundtrack - do LPs spin the other way around, south of the equator?

**suggested by some old guy from OpenNMS.

***"Detroit" appeared before "Darius" but was crossed out.  Similarly, "Delicatessen" was crossed out in the second list.


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