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Sep 24, 2009

Foodshare Challenge this SATURDAY at the Carrboro Farmer's Market

Carrboro Farmer's Market from CarrboroWeb



Please join the Carrboro Farmers’ Market farmers in challenging local residents to come out to the Carrboro Farmers Market on Saturday, September 26th between 8a and noon to raise 1000 pounds of food to feed the hungry. The CFM farmers have donated over 7,500 pounds of marketable food since June to organizations that feed the hungry in Orange, Chatham and Durham Counties.

On Saturday, we will give shoppers the opportunity to follow our farmers' example. They can buy their groceries at the market and while they are there, donate a bag of food for the hungry.

According to the USDA, NC is the second highest state in the country for childhood hunger. One in four children in North Carolina do not have adequate access to food. The FoodShare Challenge is a great opportunity for local residents to come to the market, support the farmers and learn more about what we can all do to help feed the hungry in our community.

The event will feature photos from nationally recognized photographer Donn Young, of The North Carolina Hunger Project, and educational information from hunger relief organizations from Raleigh, Durham, Chatham, Orange and Wake Counties. The event will have art activities for children, a donation station and lots of good food -- all for a good cause.

In addition to volunteers, participating community organizations include: The Inter-Faith Council for Social Services, The Society of St. Andrews, Durham Branch of the central and eastern NC Food Bank, Fair Local Organic student organization from UNC, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, and the Chatham County Outreach Alliance. Eastern Carolina Organics (E.C.O.) and Weaver Street Market of Southern Village are donating the boxes and the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle of Raleigh will be doing the deliveries with their refrigerated trucks.

Please call or email Margaret Gifford at 919.967.6464 or [email protected], or Sarah Blacklin at 919.280.3326 or [email protected] for more information, or to volunteer or donate.


Photo: CarrboroWeb

More info on: Carrboro's Farmer Foodshare

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Sep 05, 2009

Erasure - Chains of Love, Acoustic/Live

Old enough to buy liquor, Erasure's Chains of Love*:

I recently read that Matt Mullenweg -- chief of Automattic/WordPress -- swears by music as a productivity enhancer.**  And not long ago, a business colleague said the same thing about students with ADHD whose brains need something extra to chew on while they're studying.

So I'm trying it this weekend -- looking for music that helps me work. Some artists definitely don't help (e.g., Dave Brubeck), but Enrico Caruso's Italian Songs did the trick for helping me focus this afternoon. Enrico Caruso rolled alphabetically into Erasure on my media player, so I got to hear a few tracks of Pop! The First Twenty Hits*** while I finished a task I've been struggling through for weeks. Now, of course, I'm blogging instead of working. But hey, didn't you read? I finished my task!


*Enjoy the video.  A little different from the synth-pop version, eh?

**"Music helps me when I'm coding, which is still my priority. When you're coding, you really have to be in the zone. I'll listen to a single song, over and over on repeat, like a hundred times." -- The Way I Work: Matt MullenwegInc. Magazine.

***"The First Twenty Hits."  Hyperbole aside, can you imagine having twenty hits at all, never mind a first set?

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