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Jul 16, 2009

In B-flat, "A collaborative musical/spoken word project" by Darren Solomon

In b-flat screen

In B-flat is a "collaborative musical/spoken word project" by Darren Solomon.  It's brilliant.  Various folks recorded riffs in the key of B-flat, and Darren assembled them into a multi-voiced web instrument that you can mix and play however you like.  I started with the xylophone (upper left) plus the voice (guy with California t-shirt). 

Note:each panel has an independent volume control.

Note also: if you like In B-flat and you're in the Durham area, make sure to visit Christian Marclay's Video Quartet (click for brief video)  at the Nasher Museum of Art.  Up through July 26.


Wired magazine brief notes on In B Flat

NPR notes on the strange life of B-flat, the note (not the art piece).

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