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Jul 02, 2009

Gross Vehicle Weight, Part II -- Diet and Such

Guylian no sugar Thank you to folks who read my Gross Vehicle Weight post at the Archer Pelican and on Facebook.  Some folks have asked "how did you do it?"  Here's the summary answer:

  • The first twenty pounds (from 172 to ~152) came off over ~2 years of modest portion control.  Reminding myself to put less on my plate, and to not eat when I'm not really hungry.  ~152 seemed like the new equilibrium for a while.  Then I started visiting a Chinese medicine/acupuncture provider in Carrboro, to look at my ADHD and GAD issues.  She recommended that I drop everything that I knew was tough on my body: refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy.  And she added wheat to the mix.  I didn't have stop everything 100% -- just stop as much as I could.  So I did.  And that knocked off another five pounds in two months.  Another few pounds have fallen off while I've been doing a "yeast cleanse" of some sort.

I feel good these days.  Really good.  Not crazy good.  But very steady and rarely gross.  My body used to go into hyper-vigilance mode (elevated pulse, high blood pressure, etc.) for no good reason, or it would stay in that mode for longer than appropriate.  Not so much these days.  I'm very very grateful.   As Dave and Barry commented, "good" dieting focuses on the benefits that are coming, rather than the food that's missing.  Fortunately for me, I love most healthy foods just as much as I love the less-healthy stuff, so there's little pain from substituting a spinach and mushroom soft taco for a slice of pizza; or some fresh fruit and nuts for a Cinnabon.  Guylian "no sugar" chocolate is a great treat -- but I've found that I can keep a bar of that stuff around for more than a week.  I don't crave the fix.

I should mention that I used to consume a hell of a lot of candy and Diet Coke.  I worried they'd be the hardest things to kick, and they were -- for about two weeks.  Then suddenly, I didn't want the sugar any more.  And I didn't seem to need the caffeine. While I still miss the idea of pizza and beer, I also remember how gross I felt the last time I had a pizza and beer dinner, and I don't miss that -at all-.  So it's a clearly positive trade.  My appetite seems to get satisfied on the new, modest portions and foods that I now give myself.  This really isn't bad.  Did I mention I feel good these days?  Really good.  Except when my 34" waistline pants fall off my butt.  Then I feel kind of embarrassed :-)

Coming soon: diet, supplements and the ADHD/GAD.

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Do you know where to find different chinese medecine as Snake wine ? I already bought this one:

But I am now looking for different types of natural medecine (for example with LIZARD inside the bottle).
Thanks for help.

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Posted by: kay | Jul 2, 2009 1:52:48 PM

Congrats on the weight loss!

Posted by: Sue | Jul 3, 2009 4:40:39 PM

Hi Phil-

Check out Food Matters by Mark Bittman, if you haven't already. Bittman is an NY TImes food guy, although he's a journalist, not a chef by trade. He lost weight while researching his How to Cook Everything Vegetarian book, and did Food Matters to describe what he found out when he investigated why. It is the best non-diet and non-vegetarian diet or vegetarian book I've ever read. And, it is short. With recipes. What's not to like?


Posted by: Jessie | Jul 4, 2009 5:15:36 PM