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Jul 04, 2009

Fourth of July and Fireworks Safety in the Philippines

Fireworks Safety Poster - Philippines

While the Philippines also celebrates Independence Day on July 4, Christmas and New Year's are their big fireworks season.  I was there for Christmas in 1996 and remember tons of black and white safety posters plastered on walls all over town.  The posters showed a four-fingered hand, with a terse warning about fireworks safety.  Since then, they've gone to four-color and even more gore.  Click image to be wholly grossed out.


Image from this article on fireworks injuries in the Philippines. Quote: "The total injuries [~800 between 21 Dec 2007 and 5 Jan 2008] were further broken down into 853 (98%) fireworks-related, 14 (2%) stray-bullet injuries and 2 (0.23%) watusi/firecracker powder ingestion. Three (3) deaths were reported - one died due to watusi (a kind of sparklers) poisoning and two died from non-neonatal tetanus secondary to fireworks injuries.... 35% of injuries were children 10 years of age and younger."

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