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May 17, 2009

Las Vegas Airport Slots

Las Vegas airport slots

Slot machines at the Las Vegas airport.

The payout system at Gate C11 was surprisingly low-security.  I watched one player cash out: she hit "print" on her machine then handed the slip to a "casino" staffer, who walked twenty feet to another staffer who paid out the winnings from the pile of cash in her fanny pack.  "Winning again?" asked the fanny staffer.  "Yes," said the other, "one more time."  I think the player took ~$200.

So different from the way Robert DeNiro described things in Martin Scorcese's Casino.  I'd send you to a video of my favorite scene but the legal folks at YouTube have disabled audio. Instead, the DeNiro narration in text:

In Vegas, everybody's gotta watch everybody else. Since the players are looking to beat the casino...  the dealers are watching the players... the boxmen are watching the dealers... the floormen are watching the boxmen... the pit bosses are watching the floormen... the shift bosses are watching the pit bosses... the casino manager is watching the shift bosses... I'm watching the casino manager... and the eye in the sky is watching us all.


Screenplay courtesy of Script-o-Rama.com.

Pic courtesy of me, from an April layover.

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I think it's pretty likely that the slot areas at McCarran are under video surveillance. Also, airport slots are notoriously stingy (altho I have won $10-$20 off them a couple of times). Best airport slot machine scene is the end of Ocean's 13

Posted by: georg | May 19, 2009 6:37:22 PM

Thanks, Georg! Here's the link. Run yourself to the 8 minute mark. It's a nice end for a guy who has a very difficult time through most of the movie.


Posted by: Phil | May 20, 2009 2:23:14 PM