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Mar 08, 2009

Marcus Aurelius II - Does Axe Make Mouthwash?


Do unsavoury armpits and bad breath make you angry?  What good will it do you given the mouth and armpits the man has got, that condition is bound to produce those odours. 'After all, though, the fellow is endowed with reason, and he is perfectly able to understand what is offensive if he gives any thought to it.' Well and good: but you yourself are also endowed with reason; so apply your reasonableness to move him to a like reasonableness; expound, admonish. If he pays attention, you will have worked a cure, and there will be no need for passion; leave that to actors and streetwalkers.

-- Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (Penguin Classics, translated by Maxwell Staniforth, 1964

For a less "organic" quote, check out this earlier Marcus Aurelius quote on Begin the Day.

And for a different mental image on how Marcus Aurelius might have inspired a mighty army, check out this Axe commercial.  Bonus points for anyone who can make out the background music lyrics which might have been inspired by the Gladiator soundtrack.

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Music? There was music in that commercial? Really? ;)

Posted by: Buck | Mar 9, 2009 1:40:19 PM