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Aug 06, 2008

Take Care With Old Friends

Take care with old friends, for they are not quickly replaced.

-- This thought occurred to me ~1989, when my "old" friendships were mostly five or six years old.  Still and more true now, I reckon.

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I'm going to visit a friend I haven't seen since high school sometime this week. We were close then, but lost all touch. Facebook came along, and it's interesting how nervous I am about it. Thanks for this unintentional nudge for me to make sure the meeting happens rather than just letting it slip by.

Posted by: stew | Aug 6, 2008 8:48:45 AM

I'll get all Girl Scout-y on you and sing: Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other is gold.

Posted by: Valerie | Aug 6, 2008 9:16:33 PM