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Jul 12, 2008


Learnmemoircoverfront_2 Pal Doc memed me:

1 – Write the title to your own memoir using exactly six words.

2 – Post it on your blog.

3 – Link to the person who tagged you.

4 – Tag five other bloggers.

I'll bite on 1 through 3, anyway:

"Heredity.  Environment.  Chance.  That's What Happened."

See here for Doc's.*

Please follow up if you'd like. 

Not long ago, I wrote up a rough business plan for a company that would write memoirs** for other people.  The idea was that there are lots of 30- and 40-something people scattered around the world and wishing that they knew more about their parents' wisdom and stories, and that they could pass that down to their own kids who didn't get to spend much time with the grandparents.  The business ("Memoir Maker" is what I tagged it) would take the kids money, interview the parents and ghost write the memoir and/or put together multimedia recordings for deployment on web or CD. 

This isn't a unique idea -- there's a whole small trade association of "Personal Historians" out there.  And of course there are more sophisticated people (with PhDs) who do corporate histories.  But it seemed like a decent idea.  I canned it because I wanted to travel and because it seemed awfully labor intensive and non-leveragable.  I hope other people will do it as well (or better) than I aimed to.  If the Association of Personal Historians' website is any indicator, their standard for entry is very low.


*See also here for Doc at the War, Literature and the Arts blog.

**Now that you mention it: I once had dinner with a 60-something fellow who was moderately irritated that both of his kids had published their memoirs before he had.  One son was an (eventual) photojournalist who wrote a memoir about living with Tourette's syndrome and other things.  The other son was an accomplished actor who wrote his memoir about surviving cancer.  The father, an outgoing and achieving fellow, was understandably uncomfortable at being behind the curve.  To the best of my knowledge, the father hasn't yet written his memoir, but the younger son has written his second.

Image from the website of Jerry Waxler who will sell you his book so you can write your book.

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Thanks for the links, Phil. I like the title. A good taste, I suspect, of what would lie between the covers. I'd like to read that someday. ;-)

Posted by: Doc | Jul 15, 2008 12:21:06 AM