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May 24, 2008

Chickenbutts! That's What!!!

Do you remember the chapter in Little House in the Big Woods where Laura and Mary share the roasted pig tail -- crispy skin and shiny fat on a bit of bone?  (Just before they play ball with the inflated bladder?)

Filipinos are that way with chicken butts (aka buldits in Pampanga).

Last weekend I had lunch at the home of one of Durham's absolutely most generous Filipina hosts.  She'll invite ten people for dinner on a moment's notice, and never accept help with the dishes.  But I've found she's not a complete angel.  She at least reserves the chicken butts for her own snacking joy.*  I spotted these on her kitchen counter, well away from the buffet.  Couldn't resist teasing her about it :-)

Speaking of chickenbutt.


*Thank goodness she does something for herself.  And though it shouldn't make a difference, this somehow makes me feel less bad about breaking one of her ceramic collectibles when I smacked it with my umbrella on my way out the door.

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