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Apr 03, 2008

Serendipity, Quakers, Birthdays

Ceylanbellin_2 Serendipity rarely walks into a noisy room.

-- Me, ~1984.

My friend Stephen C. turned 40 on Easter, and his wife organized a "guys weekend" in the Blue Ridge Mountains to mark the birthday.  Back in high school and college, it was our occasional habit to write letters to each other, and I remember scribbling this down in one such note to him.  I seem to recall that it was inspired by a group writing project that wasn't starting smoothly.

This evening, I recalled this thought while sitting in a mid-week Quaker meeting for silent worship.  The "coincidence" occurs to me just now: Stephen was my first Quaker friend.


Nickel prizes to those who get the meaning of the illustration.

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It is Sri Lanka... from where the word serendipity came.

Posted by: durham reader | Apr 3, 2008 4:22:38 PM