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Apr 07, 2008

Rockin' the Stove with Chef Shirlé Hale-Koslowski


When high quality comes along in blogland, I just have to share:

Rockin' the Stove -- Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking, Rockin’ The Stove with Chef Shirlé, vegetarian and vegan recipes, cooking show, songs about food and handmade crafts for the kitchen.

Above, a pic from her post:  Buying Organic Eggs for Easter?…Then What About The Dye? Easier and more fun than I would have thought.  Click it and see.

You may know Shirlé her band Gerty, or from her Four Corners Cuisine* personal chef service.  Or maybe you just know her because she and her husband David are cool.  In any case, I'm glad you know her now.


*from "a square meal and so much more".  Not from Saturday night's tragic ballgame.  And hey, what's this -- four posts (three on food related) in 24 hours at the Archer Pelican?  There must be something in the water (that has been pouring for the last two weeks)...

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I always smile when I see her cooking on the local news. I think that's really cool.

Posted by: pinky | Apr 8, 2008 2:02:20 AM