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Apr 29, 2008

Obama in Chapel Hill


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When was the last time you saw this many people in one place without some team throwing a ball back and forth?

Frank DeFord once said that sports arenas are our new temples.  It's nice to see them used for something more substantive.  Not that I think political rallies are substantive.  But the reason they exist surely is.

Cheesy music.  Long and rambling prayers with bad audio.  Mediocre speeches by locals and congressmen.  All leading up to a candidate saying things you've already heard...  Is this any way to spend 3 hours?  Not for those reasons, alone.

But to look around and see -- under one roof -- 15,000 neighbors whose lives are profoundly tied to your own.  To consider with the crowd how much the world will change for 6 billion other people, depending on how you and your fellow Americans vote in the fall.  And to re-commit yourself to taking your American Citizenship seriously: every day between now and November 4, and every day after...  For those things, the gathering is surely worth the time.

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