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Apr 28, 2008

New York City and Other Big Things


The City will test you.  You can't live there without changing or adapting, and it's a bad idea to try to ignore its power.  The City will mold you or else it will crush you.

-- Jesse W., paraphrased, from a chat at Pinky's this winter.  I'm sorry I don't have an exact quote, because it was very nicely stated. I tried writing it down immediately but I didn't remember it and Jesse couldn't re-create it, either.  Darn.  But you get the idea.  Jesse has been in New York City for a couple of years.  He is thoughtful and good and will not be crushed.


photo yoinked from the BBC Blast - Art Showcase. Caption: Photo taken by Craig (age 15) from Wales. "I love American Culture, and New York represents this. I took a picture, and graphically enhanced it, to make it vibrant, and exciting."

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