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Apr 21, 2008

Little India in Cary, and Udupi Vegetarian


Above, one of the dinner platters at all-vegetarian Udupi Cafe in Cary.  For $18, you can order one of their three big sampler meals -- more than enough food for two people.  The platter, above, came after a plate of fried foods (see below), which came after a bowl of rich vegetable soup.*


I'm no connoisseur of South Indian food, but I can say I enjoyed everything at Udupi.  In particular, I liked the eggplant and coconut items I'd never tried before.  I'd be happy to visit Udupi again, but for my next Indian meal in Cary, I'd also be happy to try something different. 

Fortunately for Cary people, there are many options.

Apart from Udupi, the neighboring Chatham Square at 740 E. Chatham St.** has a half-dozen Indian restaurants and/or stores (Mithai Indian Desserts!), plus a few other interesting spots (Bingo, anyone?).  Fiona Morgan has nice notes in Cary -- the Charm of a fast-growing Southern Town (Independent Weekly, June 2007).


*Sorry I didn't snap photos of the menu.  I assumed that Udupi would have all that stuff on the web.  No such luck.

**Udupi is at 590 E. Chatham St., Cary NC, which is sort of next door to Chatham Square at 740 E. Chatham.  Don't ask me how the Cary numbering system can get you from the 700 block of a street to the 500 block in less than 50 feet.  Just look for the brick building with "Pizza & Wings" and "Hair Designers" facing the street, and that's where you'll find Udupi.  Oh, and shame on any of us who reflexively think "no culture and no diversity" when we think about Cary.

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Thanks for the info, and the link to the Cary article. I'll have to do some exploring once I'm in that neck of the woods. My one drive-around produced nothing but very vanilla-looking strip malls.

Posted by: etselec | Apr 21, 2008 10:11:15 AM