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Apr 05, 2008

Id, Ego, and Super-Wal-Mart


"...will be asked to provide proof of age by showing proper id."

Hmm..  My Wiki-informed understanding* of the "id" is that it's the pleasure-principle, gimme now part of your self that is pretty much all you've got when you're a kid.  Not very adult like at all.  So is this Wal-Mart thing a trick question?  Don't ask me to explain why "40" is in "quotes".


*"wiki-standing"?  Sorry, Ms. P.

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What screams out at me in that photo is the tri-annual People Magazine "TOO YOUNG TOO DIE" special issue. I get it. They died tragically. Too young. Before their time. And we all adored them, so much so that we should spend $5.95 to relive their legendary but brief lives.

40 is just a euphemism for 25. No store that ever claims to ID under 40 every IDs me. My birthdate appears on the receipt as 04/06/1987 or 01/01/1901 or something else totally not resembling my birthdate. This policy is like changing road signs to read SPEED LIMIT "25".

Posted by: Toastie | Apr 6, 2008 3:23:35 AM

If you enjoy the unnecessary quotes on 40, you might get a kick out of the following blog (I know I do):


Posted by: Durham Bull Pen | Apr 7, 2008 12:29:36 AM