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Apr 04, 2008

Cleveland-Holloway Is the Heart of Durham!

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It charms me that if you Google "Durham NC", the top link is a Google Map with the arrow smack dab in the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood. [Less charming: I can't figure out how to get the embedded Google Map to show the closeup and the arrow, but if you click on "View Larger Map" just above this paragraph, you'll get what I mean.]

In case the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood blog isn't on your reader, click on over to see great pix of last month's neighborhood cleanup.  Here's a teaser:


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p.s. if anyone wants to email me with a solution on the Google Maps thing (and any tips on how to wrestle with TypePad and embedded maps, which seems to create a whole other problem (i.e., I can no longer edit my post - the box where the content goes is completely blank, even though the blog is clearly here), FEEL THE HECK FREE!

Posted by: Phil | Apr 4, 2008 12:06:22 AM