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Mar 20, 2008

"'Rescued' from Tibet" at Kelly's

A timely and informative post from Kelly:  "Rescued" from Tibet.  <-- click for full article.  Photo and excerpt, below:

According to the Chinese English language newspaper China Daily, I was along with almost 600 other tourists "rescued" from Tibet on Saturday. Forced out is more accurate description. We were given one option: leave Tibet.

By the time we woke on Saturday AM, the Chinese military was well on its way to imposing martial law. The roads were blocked. Our Tibetan guide and our driver were unable to reach us at our hotel. We were told not to leave the hotel under any circumstances because it was unsafe. I didn't feel unsafe. I could see out the window of my hotel some military and local Chinese people standing around smoking cigarettes.


Brave of her to take the photo, if you ask me.

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