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Mar 16, 2008

ACC Tourney -- Triangle Teams Represent

A window sticker for the Tar Heels, red paint for the Wolfpack, and a BMW mark for the Blue Devils.*

On the way to a client meeting on Friday, I stopped for a late lunch at the Time Out Bar and Grill ("Come Try Our Lunch Buffet!") on Miami Blvd.  I wondered why there were so many cars in the parking lot at 1:30 on a workday afternoon. But when I got inside, I saw the TV sets and understood.


*Cheap joke.  Sorry.  Can't help it this time of year.  Also this time of year: I seem to associate the ACC basketball tournament with bad food.  Friday's lunch was not a winner.  Nor was the frickin' trip to Red Lobster I took in 2006 after being bombarded with their ads throughout the tournament.  Frickin' Red Lobster and their frickin' lousy lobster.

In other things, did anyone else see Tyler Hansbrough's hilarious double-fist-pump and run after he hit the game-winner against Virginia Tech?  All praise to his basketball, but for his post-bucket dance, the man might consider taking lessons from... well... anyone.  Here, in case you haven't seen it, Vince Carter  jumping-over-the-French-guy's head for a slam dunk followed by an interesting leg shake in the 2000 Olympics.  Fave quote from the end of the video, "Right over top of 'im!"

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This link will work better....


Especially if I knew how to make it clickable.

Posted by: M.K | Mar 16, 2008 6:44:11 AM

I thought Tyler was trying to do the Funky Chicken.

In any event, he can dance any damn way he wants to if he's going to get unlikely rebounds and take winning short jumpers off the baseline. :-)

Posted by: Barry Campbell | Mar 16, 2008 12:38:12 PM

A-men! Dance on, dude. I love commenting on the ACC tournament after it's over. :p

Posted by: Valerie | Mar 17, 2008 9:34:47 PM