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Feb 19, 2008

Mid-South Fencers' Club Grand Open


With the opening of the MidSouth Fencers' Club this January, fencing in the the Triangle and North Carolina has taken a nice step forward.  Owners Matthew Cox and Jennifer Oldham Cox were standout fencers at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  Jennifer went on to be one of the nation's top women's sabre fencers, and she represented the US in international competition.  She recently served as assistant coach to the US Olympic women's team.  Matthew has earned his reputation as a national level competitor and a top US fencing official.  They're going to run a great program for advanced fencers and beginners.  And they're very very nice people.  Please join me in welcoming them back to the Triangle after a decade away.

The fencing club's "Grand Open"* is this weekend, Feb 23 and 24 at their new site on Ninth St., in the former "The Basement" venue, entrance below the newest Cup-a-Joe, on the nicely developing little block that includes the Broad Street Cafe, The Palace, Watts Street Grocery, and High Strung musical instruments.**  The fencing tournaments are open to all spectators.  If you don't know the sport, you can easily find a friendly soul to tell you what's going on.

Mid-South Fencers' Club
1104-C Broad Street
Durham NC 27705


*"Grand Opening" x "Open Tournament", get it?  Heh.

**Of note (about the club and about fencing people in general): Matt and Jen tout their "near lots of great food" location as an important feature of the club :-)

***spiff phone number, eh?

Fencing Photo yoinked from the Mid-South Fencers' Club website.  But not from their new location.

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A fencing school right here in Durham! Lucky us! This may inspire me to take up fencing again. Thanks for the tip, Phil. And all the way from Mexico...

Posted by: Tori | Feb 22, 2008 3:08:33 PM