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Nov 02, 2007

Things I Used to Do a Lot But Hardly Ever Anymore

Hford1_2 Who among us changes?  Yeah, me too.

Things I used to do a lot but hardly ever anymore, if at all:

  • Go dancing
  • Invite people over for dinner
  • Make sarcastic comments during meetings
  • Look for organizational behavior and management consulting gigs
  • Flirt with waitresses
  • Shop at thrift stores
  • Browse used book stores
  • Go fencing and referee at tournaments
  • Wish I were taller
  • Hug people I've just met
  • Pursue mysterious, quiet women
  • Say "yes" whenever anyone asks for something
  • Drink better wines
  • Show up late at weddings
  • Brag about how much I can eat at one sitting
  • Eat everybody's leftovers
  • Read fiction
  • Write in a journal
  • Work long hours
  • Throw parties
  • Pull my hair into a ponytail
  • Wear my t-shirts inside out
  • Look forward to dressing up
  • Go to nice restaurants for dinner several nights a week
  • Argue for the sake of argument
  • Travel to Brown and Providence
  • Expect to be a person of great influence
  • Look forward to sweating in summer
  • Wear light cotton gloves in fall and part of winter
  • Buy things "just in case I'll need them later"
  • Incorporate fresh fruit into almost any dish
  • Hope everyone will like me.

How about you?

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Hm. This is a great topic. Maybe I'll work on it today for tomorrow's post!

Posted by: Stew | Nov 2, 2007 10:23:45 AM

That pulling my hair into a ponytail thinkg is pretty high up on the list. I really do miss the ittle head flip to get my hair out of my eyes. Recreational drugs would make the top 10, as would "quit my job and go backpacking for 10 days."

Flushing toilets also, but that's a temporary thing, i hope.

On the other hand, things i do a lot more of than i used to include drinking bourbon and eating oysters. Both of which i expect to do this weekend.

Posted by: barry | Nov 2, 2007 10:48:40 AM

"Pursue mysterious, quiet women."

Now I understand.

Posted by: Don | Nov 2, 2007 4:53:05 PM

Think it important to be normal.
Believe everyone I like is honest.
Eat ice cream right out of the carton.
Drink too much.
Spend money I hadn't quite earned yet.
Party with strangers.
Chug as much coffee as it takes to make the job interesting.
Eat meat.
NOT hug my friends.

Yuck, in part I sound like I'm aiming toward being an ascetic, jaded fruitcake. Hmm.

What a thought-provoking question! Looking forward to others' responses.

Posted by: --Lisa S. | Nov 2, 2007 8:18:13 PM

Mine are a function of that great life-changing event, parenthood. I don't do these things anymore:

1. Bicycle everywhere. (Had a plan to, but kids turned out to be scared of small spaces, and movement, and wind.)
2. Eat all my meals at whatever restaurant I'm working at. (Have to put together square meals, with green things.)
3. Meet my friends at the bar. (Hi friends! Miss you!)
4. Speaking of which, have a line item in the budget for beer. (y'know, preschool, shoes, toys)
5. Eat vegan. (There was that whole pregnancy-protein thing, and yes I know about beans. Ask again next year.)
6. Wear contacts. (Glasses are better for catching catnaps where I can get them.)
7. Sleep. (Who am I kidding about the catnaps?)
8. Work in an office. (Sometimes I think yay! And sometimes I think Hi friends! Miss you!)
9. Live in a punk house. (...don't they re-a-lize this is respectable street...)

I suppose I should say something heart-stringy like I no longer wake up without the joyful laughter of children ringing in the air. Okay, well there's that. But that joyful laughter... it's probably 5am. See #7 above. And it's not really laughter, it's hysterics because somebody touched somebody else's toothbrush, or called somebody a booger, or put a booger on somebody's toothbrush.

Posted by: Valerie | Nov 2, 2007 10:48:29 PM


1. paint and draw for money
2. paint and draw for recreation
3. make jewelry for money
4. eat red meat
5. drink alcohol
6. watch television
7. swim
8. drink coffee every single day
9. hate all orange vegetables
10. consume artificial sweeteners
11. live with pets
12. read before going to sleep
13. commute to RTP
14. wear pants
15. avoid singing in public
16. play the piano
17. look at mail-order catalogs
18. use IRC
19. study for exams
20. drink soda containing sodium benzoate

Posted by: Lenore | Nov 3, 2007 4:16:39 PM

1. Move to different locales all the time
2. Diet
3. Consume artificial sweeteners
4. Enjoy shopping
5. Go out dancing
6. Spend a whole day doing anything (don't have time)
7. Curry male favor
8. Row (boat not argue)
9. Make my own clothes
10. Swim every morning
11. Spend time alone
12. Disdain suburbia
13. Paint and sketch
14. Blog
15. Read the newspaper
16. Try different sports
17. Go to bars
18. Work overtime
19. See live theater
20. Drive a stick shift

Posted by: Marianne | Nov 6, 2007 12:07:03 PM

Another for my list:
* use big words (aka Latinate instead of Anglo-Saxon).

In high school and college I was learning big words and learning to love them in all their variety and nuance. I loved finding and using just the right word in just the right place.

Later, though, I came to believe that more often than not, I was burning the energy and attention of both myself and my audiences, so I switched to more Anglo-Saxon.

Life is easier now. But of course, I've grown rusty with the big words and no longer command them as I (think I) used to. Just a moment ago I misspelled "conspicuous". I spelled it as "conspicious", and when the spelchek corrected me, I realized that I haven't been saying it right, either. Damn. I guess it's time to find an Anglo-Saxon substitute, er, replacement, er, synonym, er... word that means the same thing.

Posted by: Phil | Nov 9, 2007 8:40:56 PM