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Jan 04, 2007

JLP, Shy as a Lass

"We are always misunderstood."

-- JLP

Were you a tall, attractive, shy girl in high school?  And did people consider you snobby, snotty, or cold?

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Whoa. Are you hitting on me?

This is extremely intriguing.

You already know I am short, attractive and boisterous. I was probably considered snobby or snotty, at least by some, but never cold.

Posted by: Stew | Jan 4, 2007 2:59:48 PM

I suppose I was, though I didn't think so at the time. (Attractive, not tall and shy, I already knew that stuff). Probably people thought I was a snob but I was just pathologically shy. I've since learned how to hide it better.

What is funny is when you find out later who had a crush on you during that era, when you thought you were terminally unloveable. Why the hell didn't they say or do anything then?

Posted by: Marianne | Jan 4, 2007 3:07:43 PM

Hey Stew --

Wonderful to know that you were never cold, especially in Michigan where I would have *always* been cold .

And what a fun coincidence about your initials ;-) But this JLP is a diffrn't one. I wonder if MKW will read this and notice?

Posted by: Phil | Jan 4, 2007 4:07:46 PM

Glad you caught on to the initials trickery! The middle name is either Lynn or Lynne, depending on whether you ask my parents or my passport.

Posted by: Stew | Jan 4, 2007 6:13:39 PM