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Jan 31, 2007

I am in Awe of...

Pamela_hein Single moms and truck drivers.

Yesterday I was driving along I-85 next to a two-trailer FedEx rig that kept all 48 or so of its wheels inside its lane markers, despite all the curves.  How the hell do they do that?

Same question goes for single moms (at least the ones whose kids are coming along well).  How the hell do they do that?

Some years ago, a friend asked me and some other folks for our definition of "hero."  What I came up with was that heroes are the people who do, on a regular basis, admirable things that I could never imagine within my capacity.  Notwithstanding the gender part, I put good single moms in that category, right quick.  And truck drivers.

In case you're wondering, "how about truck drivers who are also single moms?"  Above, see Pamela Hein, one such person.  She gets an asterisk because her kids stayed with her grandmother while she was on the road, but it's still bloody impressive.  See here for the whole story, including the bit about how she wound up in law school.


photo: Mike Northrup / Volante

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Bow down before me! Seriously, thank you for the appreciation. It helps when you have an awesome kid, like I do.

Truck drivers are pretty awesome - I think I would fall asleep if I had to drive so much.

Posted by: Marianne | Jan 31, 2007 6:56:17 PM

Marianne: I have to agree that it helps to have an awesome kid, as you do. And I would also argue that your being a good mom is (alongside luck) the biggest reason your kid is awesome as he is.

Also, I would bow down before you any time, so please don't feel compelled to kick me in the nads just to get a visible sign of respect :-)

Posted by: Phil | Feb 1, 2007 1:14:24 AM