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Nov 15, 2006

Seductive? Who, me?

Shout out to Joe V. for the link.

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Oh dear. I am The Libertine.

"OK we didn't want to get into this. But. You're a lazy, perverted....rockstar. Everythng about you is idealistic and romantic, with that sassy hint of danger. It's the hint of danger that makes things so damn spicy. Oh. There will be expos. And films. And biographies. All about you and your fabulous excesses. Even though you're selfish and greedy....we're charmed."

BTW, why wouldn't it let me cut and paste? I had to retype all that!!

And? It's pretty on the mark! :-)!!!

Posted by: Stewpants | Nov 30, 2006 5:08:26 PM

Hello Libertine, nice to meet you!

And yep, it does sound pretty on the mark for you :-)

Re: the cut/paste -- the seduction profile is one big image (check out the code and you'll see that it just yoinks a .gif file from the seductiveshorts server).

I'm no web guru, but my sense is that the advantage for them doing that is some mix of: (a) it's more or less guaranteed that the design will show up on your page the way they intended it (i.e., not with wrong-sized letters or bad linebreaks depending on your browser settings) and (b) it's simpler and (c) it's less likely that someone will monkey with the text to create something that they didn't intend.

.pdf files are a similar solution, except that you can design .pdf files to have the text recognized as text (i.e., copyable) without remaining visually fixed.

Posted by: Phil | Nov 30, 2006 7:31:00 PM

p.s., in theory you might have had an easier time running the .gif through an OCR program, but that's in theory.

Posted by: Phil | Nov 30, 2006 7:31:52 PM