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Oct 13, 2006

This is the Drum*


DJ Chela and Carved Drum

DJ Chela's mom and dad have been my friends, heroes and role models for a dozen+ years.  I had a wonderful dinner with them this week and gave them a copy of this photo.  How nice it was that they loved it.

DJ Chela (aka Lauren) just moved to New York to become a full-time professional DJ.   We did a photo session to generate some publicity shots before she left Durham.  A happy encounter.


*title borrowed from Herbie Hancock's Dis is Da Drum (1995, Mercury Records).

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man, you really do know everyone.

Posted by: lisa | Oct 13, 2006 11:30:10 PM

A wonderful photo, Phil! You must show me how to get that pure white background someday.

Posted by: | Oct 14, 2006 2:00:51 AM

nice photo! and, seriously, it's like six degrees of phil.

Posted by: georg | Oct 14, 2006 10:11:53 AM

Huhn? What? Thanks? What?

Lisa -- thanks for the comment. But hey, I completely don't understand the reference. Do you know Lauren (or her folks) also?

White background person -- sure, I'd be glad to show you. But who are you?!

Georg -- your comment I think I understand. Thanks!

Posted by: Phil | Oct 14, 2006 11:07:49 AM

well, i know dj chela-- from wxdu.

Posted by: lisa | Oct 14, 2006 11:54:14 AM

like lisa, i also met chela thru XDU. and yes i'm becoming convinced that much of durham can be connected to each other thru you...

Posted by: georg | Oct 14, 2006 12:42:19 PM

Lisa/Georg -- Oh, thanks! I didn't realize that Lauren also worked at XDU. Not that I should have been surprised, though.

Posted by: Phil | Oct 14, 2006 5:01:19 PM

Gorgeous picture, sweetie

Posted by: Marianne | Oct 14, 2006 6:56:41 PM

Wow, phil. That is a gorgeous picture indeed!

Posted by: stew | Oct 15, 2006 8:34:28 PM

Hey Philster - I left the white background comment. Dunno why I forgot to sign.... But really, it's a great photo. And I hope to play with your studio lights soon!

Posted by: Grace | Oct 15, 2006 10:38:08 PM