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Oct 31, 2006

Comfort Food 2.0

Brocpastacheese450 In the small bowl, squash soup with cinnamon and almond paste by K.  Very fine.  You can ask her for the recipe.

In the deep plate, orecchiette with goat cheese, clams, and garlic.  Plus some broccoli because -- why not?

The pasta dish was inspired by something crazy good I had last December at Pomelo in San Francisco: ~braised pork with savoy cabbage over orecchiette with gorgonzola.  At some point I may type up the recipe as best as I could recreate it.

But for two servings of a simpler dish, try this:

1.  Put pasta on to boil.

2.  Put broccoli on a steamer (and don't overcook like I did this batch).

3.  While the pasta and broccoli are cooking, start a skillet with olive oil and sliced garlic.

4.  Drain pasta and add to the sauteed garlic.  Enjoy the sizzly noises.

5.  Add chunks of goat cheese (total size ~3/4-stick butter).  Heat until it's mostly melted into a sauce.

6.  Add a can of minced clams, partially drained (or not) and heat through.

7.  Serve in deep dishes with salt, pepper, oregano, and grated romano.  Consider adding some chili peppers.  Pour a glass or tumbler of simple white wine for your drinking.

And if you think this is really just a fancy plate of macaroni and cheese accompanied by broccoli and cheese sauce, who would call you a liar?  Not me.

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Oct 30, 2006

I Pity the Fool

Fool Fool me once -- shame on you.
Fool me twice -- shame on me.
Fool myself three, four, or five times in a row -- time to get professional help.


Note on context: the first two lines you already know.  The last one is a comment I made while talking with a client about some other folks we had seen selling themselves a bill of goods over and over and over.  And over.  It was no fun to watch but at least it wasn't us.  This time.

Garfield the cat once said something like, "I need to quit reading my own press releases."  Good advice, that.  And a great excuse for not writing press releases even when your marketing department says you ought to.

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Oct 27, 2006

Shrimp and Stuff


For as long as I can remember, I've made a broccoli and shrimp stir fry that includes broccoli, shrimp, sesame oil, pepper, and soy or fish sauce.  Nothing wrong with it.  Works every time.  Add a little garlic, a little onion, a little ginger, a little chili, whatever.  Serve over rice.  Works every time.

But I was clearly stuck.

So at a recent dinner with Grace, something a little different, with a focus on freshness and acidity instead of sesame and southeast Asia.


A bed of baked potatoes cut coarsely into chunks, mixed with chunks of mango and peaches.

A stir-fry of shrimp and broccoli cooked in canola oil, with apple cider vinegar and some sugar to zing it all up.

Adding at the end toasted sesame seeds and cracked black pepper.

Optional: more salt, some Bragg's amino acids, or some such.  And maybe an additional bed of rice.

Avoiding entirely: SE Asian standards like sesame oil, ginger, soy sauce, or fish sauce.

Result: something not at all bad.

Wash down with beer (if you're me), white wine (if you're someone else), or milk (if you're Grace).

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Oct 26, 2006

NC Apples


Earthfare in Chapel Hill has a boatload of local apples for sale at $0.99/lb.  The sampler dish offered ~6 different apples of which the Cameo (word up!) was far and away my fave.  And did  I mention they're open 24 hours a day?  Holy cats.

Also FYI, they have blood-typing kits for $8.95 -- useful if you want to try the Eat Right for Your Type food plan.

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Oct 25, 2006

Barry Saunders on Integrity at UNC Football

Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing -- that'll help you keep your job. Believe that, yo.

-- N&O columnist Barry Saunders, in an excellent column praising the integrity of UNC's football coaches including John Bunting whose exit was announced this week.

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Oct 24, 2006

Camera for Hire

Folks have been asking, so I've expanded my marketing work to include photography.  Hooray!  Tomorrow I am talking with a new restaurant and market with hopes to do the photo work for their website and ads.  Very exciting.  Dang, this is fun.

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Oct 23, 2006

All the Joy. All the People. All the Time


This weekend someone asked me what I really wanted, and this is what came to mind.  I think I'll print some bumper stickers.

And hey, can anyone explain to me how to choose and show a Creative Commons copyright for this?  I've gone to the site and boy, I sure didn't get any obvious answers.

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Oct 20, 2006

Adam on Expertise

[When it comes to web commerce] it's amazing how quickly you can become an expert when you do something 100 times.  You find out what works and what doesn't work, not just based on what some people do but also on what other people don't.  You find something that works for one person and you try it for another and you figure out pretty quickly what works across the board.

-- Adam Schultz, a web dude who's doing well.

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Oct 19, 2006

Marie Gryphon on School Choice

Imagine, for a moment, that American cars had been free in recent decades, while Toyotas and Hondas sold at full price.  We'd probably be driving Falcons and Corvairs today.  Free public education suffers from a lack of competition in just this way.  So while industrires from aerospace to drugs have transformed themselves in order to compete, public schooling has stagnated.

-- Marie Gryphon, educational programs director at the Institute for Humane Studies and an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, in Business Week magazine, 16 Oct 2006


Yes, no, maybe?

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Oct 18, 2006

Accordion Crimes


No, we're not talking about the good book-of-the-same-title by Annie Proulx, but rather the terrible instrument abuse depicted above. 

The banner is for accordion files: "Expandable.  Contractable.  Organizable."  But the dude with the accordion... ack!  Non-accordion players might not notice that he's incorrectly pulling the bellows out and up instead of out and down.  But I think anyone could notice something strange in that (a) his left hand fingers aren't actually placed on specific buttons (one isn't even on the buttons at all) and (b) his right hand thumb is hooked beneath the keyboard.

Ack, ack, ack, ack, ack.

Speaking of which, an appropriate quote from an online accordion FAQ:

How likely am I to pick up bad habits by teaching myself.

A friend of mine's son taught himself to play concertina.  One day he
noticed that everyone else was playing theirs upside down relative to the
way he was doing it.  Needless to say, the rest of the world was not
wrong.  Please make sure that you at least know which side is
for the right hand vs. the left hand.

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Oct 17, 2006

Call of the Wild

I only respond to booty calls I make.  Or text.

-- overheard at Weaver St. Market, Sunday brunch.

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Divine Wind

"Bless you!"

-- this is what K. says anytime she hears someone fart or burp.  Theory: Everyone heard it.  It's the post-event silence that makes people embarrassed or uncomfortable.  Why not acknowledge it with a spiritually positive spin?

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Oct 13, 2006

This is the Drum*


DJ Chela and Carved Drum

DJ Chela's mom and dad have been my friends, heroes and role models for a dozen+ years.  I had a wonderful dinner with them this week and gave them a copy of this photo.  How nice it was that they loved it.

DJ Chela (aka Lauren) just moved to New York to become a full-time professional DJ.   We did a photo session to generate some publicity shots before she left Durham.  A happy encounter.


*title borrowed from Herbie Hancock's Dis is Da Drum (1995, Mercury Records).

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Oct 12, 2006

Scott Heiferman on Corporate Good

Preachin Newsweek's Steven Levy:  You started Meetup with a conscious idea that generating these physical gatherings would be beneficial to society.  As a CEO, how do you balance social good with the bottom line?

Heiferman:  I would venture to guess that most of the most successful companies fundamentally are doing social good.  I was at a conference in London recently where there was a lot of talk about how companies should give philanthropically.  That's the completely wrong attitude.  I think that the most successful companies are actually creating good, whether it's the garbage-collection company or Meetup.

-- Newsweek, May 29, 2006.

Picture from Heiferman's blog which has his list of 50 reasons people aren't using your website.

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Oct 09, 2006

Bronto Software Job Openings -- IT and Management

Logo This just in from my friends at Bronto Software -- a sharp crew, growing quickly and intelligently:

Thursday, October 12th, 6-8pm
Bronto Offices at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham
Details at http://static.bronto.com/pdf/company/open-house.pdf


Full descriptions at http://bronto.com/company/careers/

Director of Marketing
Bronto is looking for a Director of Marketing to guide the corporate marketing strategy, manage a highly motivated marketing team, and overall, expand the quality and quantity of sales prospects for the Company.

Director of Client Services
Bronto is seeking a Director of Client Services to manage a highly motivated client services team, develop reporting tools for measuring success, and overall, increase the satisfaction level of Bronto's clients.

 [more jobs below]

Director of Finance and Operations
Bronto is looking for a Director of Finance and Operations to architect the growth of our organization.  The Director would be responsible for managing the company's finance function including billing, forecasting and bookkeeping; defining business processes across the organization;  and overseeing our HR function. [FULL DESCRIPTION COMING SOON]

Senior Sales Associates + Sales Associates
Bronto is seeking outbound sales professionals who thrive on the adventure of finding and winning business in the competitive world of online interactive marketing! Recent competitive wins include Trek Bikes, Ogilvy PR, Johnson and Johnson, Lending Tree and JP Morgan Chase! Do you have what it takes to land the next big competitive win?

Web Designer
Bronto is accepting applications for a full-time Web Designer to join the Marketing Team. Applicants should be creative, dynamic individuals with outstanding technical skills and an eye for clean design.

Senior Software Developers + Software Developers
Bronto is hiring software engineers to write server-side code for web-based applications. We are looking for well-rounded developers who know how to create robust web applications.

Software QA Engineer
Bronto is seeking a Software QA Engineer to define and execute tasks associated with functional, web service integration, and regression testing for multiple web applications.

Support Associates
Bronto is looking for a full-time support associate to provide product and technical support for its 600+ email marketing software customers. This position is entry-level and ideal for a recent college graduate.

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Oct 05, 2006

St. Joseph's Performance Hall at the Hayti Heritage Center


Detail from one of many stained glass windows at the Hayti Heritage Center.

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Oct 04, 2006

Xiloa -- Central American and Caribbean Cuisine on Ninth St., Durham

Xiloa600_1 "Our food is meant to be filling but not heavy.  And healthy!  You won't need to exercise."

-- the friendly boss (owner?) at Xiloa -- Cuisine of Central America and the Caribbean

Last week I had a late dinner with Philip A. and we enjoyed it.  Lots of vegetarian and vegan entries make for healthy eating so I'm sure I'll be back to try more items. (At left -- one of their standard menu offerings which includes a sampling of five or six items, depending on how you count.)

Healthy food at high speed and moderate prices is something Durham (or, say, America) needs more of, that's for sure. 

I hope they'll do well. A certain blog reader has volunteered to do a website for Xiloa and I'll look forward to linking there just as soon as it's up :-)

Meanwhile, check it out for yourself on Ninth St., a couple of doors from where Bakus used to be (Wait - was that not helpful?  How about "near Bahn's which is at 750 Ninth St."  Better?  You're welcome.  Any time.)

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Oct 03, 2006

"Hey Dad, What Are These?" -- NC Gay Pride Parade

NC Gay Pride Parade -- Durham NC, 30 Sep 06

You knew it was going to happen. 

Half of the parade floats were slinging candy, and the kids in front of me and M. were going nuts.  Halloween four weeks early!  Mom and dad are letting me chase after cars in the street!


But then, well... you know:


"Hey Dad, what are these?"

"Uh, those aren't for eating, son.  Maybe you should give them to me."


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