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Jun 30, 2006

Here be Lisa, and She Needs to Know...

Lisa_us_1 Welcome to the blogroll: Lisa at A Clear View to a New Life.

From her, a question for those of us who know the Carolinas.

I am considering a late-August/early-September 10-day trip that begins with a few days in Charleston, SC, ends with a few days visiting a friend in Charlotte, NC and in between involves a drive up the coast to the Outer Banks, with that week spent exploring the Outer Banks.

Do you have any experience with this route? Do you think it would make for a nice trip? I like to see new places, enjoy fresh air, take a variety of photographs and meet interesting people.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Opinions, anyone?  Mine, below:


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Jun 29, 2006

Talk Therapy

You need to relax!  Don't make me have to slap you!!

-- good advice to me, from a certain massage therapist who grew up in Brooklyn.

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Jun 28, 2006

Mary Carillo on Roger Federer

Roger is so fluid.  He's so liquid.  But he's solid!

-- Mary Carillo, At Wimbledon, as Roger Federer rolled over Tim Henman

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Jun 26, 2006

Babe, You Can Drive My Car

Babeyoucandrivemycar6Hilary finds herself behind the wheel of a (not very) large automobile.  And she may ask herself "how do I work this?"

This pic on Arthur Minnis Rd., on the way to Maple View Farms.

I'm not the biggest fan of their ice cream, but the drive out from any direction is so beautiful that it's almost always worth the trip.  On Saturday night, the lightning bugs put on their show above the fields.  It was lovely.

Two questions for you
: (1) do you call them "lightning bugs" or "fireflies" and (2) do you know whether their populations have grown or diminished over the last several decades?

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Jun 23, 2006

Karmann Electra


A vintage Karmann-Ghia converted to all electric!

I spotted this at the Volvo-specialist garage on W. Chapel Hill St. near the Durham Food Co-op.

Got me thinking about a '79 MG Midget that I know of -- for sale at $1,000.  I'm told it would take ~$5,000 (and a bunch of time) to convert it to electric.  Hmmmm....

Better yet, I hope that my friends J and S will buy it for their mechanically inclined 15 year old.  Imagine -- he takes a year to build his own environmentally conscious vintage convertible: how cool would he be or what?  And his parents would be pleased that their boy is starting his driving life with a car that won't go way-the-hell-too-fast.  I wish my parents had done that for me.

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Jun 21, 2006

Gold at Starlu


Beer, Arancini, Wine.

Restaurant Starlu, last week.

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Jun 16, 2006

Curious Phil and the Man in the Yellow...

Yellowsuitman600 ...Suit.

If you've spent much time in Chapel Hill, you've seen this dude.  He's also got a purple suit and, I think, a fuschia one.  All three-piece.  All sharp.  This one has something like eight button holes (but fewer buttons). All are worn with hat, shades, and a walking stick.

I asked him his name something like three times but never could understand what he said, so I gave up and handed him a business card -- asking him to write me if he'd like a copy of the photo.  If he does write, I hope his handwriting is legible.

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Jun 15, 2006

World Cup Analysis

Hemochess0a From this week's game between France and Switzerland:

Hilary:  ...the French defense rocks.

Phil:      True, but that's because they're not wasting any energy on offense.

A couple of other notes on the French defense:

1.  Did any chess-playing blog reader ever learn how to play the French defense (pictured here*)?  If so, why?  Why would anyone playing black begin a game with an act of self-constipation?

2.  Joke (which I should have posted in the blog of just punchlines) --

Q:  How many Frenchmen does it take to defend Paris?
A: [in French accent] Nobody knows!


*image yoinked from some Geocities/Japan site.

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Jun 14, 2006

Dang, I'm Glad I Bought That...

B0000ax7az01a1787xod7q2i4m_scmzzzzzzz_ Lately I've been moving a lot of big things, which makes me appreciate (again and again) my handy hand truck which I bought last year for ~$60.

Other sub-$100 things I'm really glad I've bought:

  • Chinese cleaver ($10 in Chinatown, SFO)
  • Champion C9 wicking/breathing t-shirts and polo shirts ($8-16 at Target)
  • Doc Martens ($10 at Goodwill, barely used)
  • Fix-a-flat ($6 at any C-store)
  • PaperMate blue, medium-point stick pens (~$0.07 in bulk at Staples)

That's all I can remember just now.

What about you?

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Jun 12, 2006

"A Computer Is Like Your Mommy's Bureau Drawers"

Dresser600_1 At right, a bureau that I helped move last weekend.

And above (in the title, I mean), the opening line from... Anyone?  Anyone?  Brian?  Anyone?

Yes, that's right.  It's the opening line from The Fortran Coloring Book, first introduced to me by the distinguished Brian T. Rice, North Carolina School of Geeks class of '85.  I thought I could do something similar for DCL which we used on the VAX 11/750s that connected us all within our ~25-acre campus. 

I said as much to our CS department chief who said,

"Every year, some student comes along and says he wants to do a VAX manual for his literacy requirement, and every year, the same student never gets it done." 

"But I'll do it, I really will!"

Yeah, right.  I got three or four pages and drawings done before moving on to better things like chasing girls and tennis balls (sometimes all at once).

"At any rate" (to sort-of-again quote Brian from the same period), the book's author, Robert E. Kaufman, has a fun page* about the history of the book, including plagiarized versions in other languages (like German) and other languages (like Pascal). Oh, the memories...



*Did you look at the same link twice?  Sorry.  I just had to make sure it got looked at least once.  Again, sorry.  In amends, I will send you a copy of the Archer Pelican Coloring Book.  Just as soon as it's complete.

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Jun 11, 2006

Birthday K


Thoughtful, Dearest.  Beautiful, Beloved.

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