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May 31, 2006

Frozen Treats for Happy Pups

Heyman440 "Hey man, can't a dog eat in peace?"

Paris may have Berthillon and Cambridge may have Toscanini's.* But we've got LocoPops.**  And LocoPops has frozen treats*** in chicken and beef for happy pups -- all proceeds to, um, I can't remember.  But it's a group that does nice things for animals.

This puparazzi pic from Monday's first birthday party for LocoPops, which raised more than $1300 for Durham's Habitat for Humanity (now under new management, which is a great thing).  The Carolina Chocolate Drops provided ass-kicking entertainment and if you were there I wouldn't need to tell you.


*If you were in Durham in the late 80s, you might remember Rossini's, an ice cream place spun out from Toscanini's to land in what is now  Nice Price Books on Broad St.  Sharon M. once took me to Toscanini's and said, "start counting [the original features cloned south]" as soon as we walked in the door.  There were many.  Some day I may write about the unfortunate anti-relationship between Rossini's and Steve's ice cream way back when.

**Today's N&O has an article about LocoPops.

***Said product could use a good name.  "LocoPups" and "Pupsicles" are taken.  And did you know that "Popsicles" is also trademarked?

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May 25, 2006

Me on Work

Lifting Sometimes being dumb labor is the best job in the house.

-- Me.  Today.  I helped a friend move stuff and yeah, it was hot and such but not too hot.  And it was tiring, but not very tiring (and it's not like I get an excess of exercise).  Mostly I had a nice time hanging out with my friend and being helpful, and I didn't have to think about much and in the afternoon I got to sit around petting a very cool dog while drinking a grapefruit and ginger ale over ice.  And that was good, too.

Only suck thing: a new batch of allergens seems to have hit the air.  Dammit.


image lifted (carefully, using the leg muscles, not the back and neck) from the American Physical Therapy Association website.

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May 24, 2006

Randakk on the Dollar

"It's not what you make.  It's what you keep."

-- quoted by my friend Randakk, and thought about frequently (as of late) by me

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May 23, 2006

Thai Massage

Fokep1_1 Thai massage -- I had my first visit on Monday.

What is Thai massage like?  I won't try to describe the healing aspects, which are plentiful.  But I will attempt to describe this newcomer's impression of the physical. Click bold notes for illustrative pics.

For those interested in experiencing the benefits directly in North Carolina or elsewhere around the world, here is some info:

My Thai Massage therapist is Bob Haddad whose clinic is in Chapel Hill NC.  Bob is also founding director of the Thai Healing Alliance International, the first Thai massage trade association and sanctioning body for practitioners outside Thailand.  Bob's contact info is at the website, here.


image from Thai Massage Center

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May 19, 2006

Kowalski on Animals and Worship

Though differently expressed, the impulise to worship seems everywhere the same: to acknowledge our connection with something larger than ourselves--a power that sustains life and persists beyond all death.  It is in moments of peak experience, whether of sudden insight or quiet contemplation, that we come closest to catching the meaning that eludes us in our more mundane hours.

But are we the only creatures who worship--who have episodes of feeling elevated, transported, inspired?  In December of 1963, the zoologist Adriaan Kortland witnessed the following amazing tableau:

Sunset in an African rain forest. The splendor of these sunsets.  A chimpanzee arrives on the scene, carrying a papaya, holding it with one hand against his loins as he walks along.  This is his bedside snack.  The chimp puts down the papaya.  For a full fifteen minutes the animal remains as if spellbound by the spectacle of the changing colors of the dusk, and watches without moving.  Then he withdraws silently into the thicket, forgetting his papaya.

Gary Kowalski in The Souls of Animals, 2nd ed., Stillpoint Publishing, 1999.

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May 18, 2006

Inconveniences of the Moderately Wealthy

P_l5003g_1 Last Sunday, I helped host a pre-graduation brunch for Grace, which included massive amounts of scrambled eggs and bacon cooked in Calphalon (courtesy of my current housesitting gig).  Brunch was fun, by yikes those were some heavy pans for cleanup.

Thus, a first entry in my list of Inconveniences of the Moderately Wealthy:

1.  Handwashing heavy, large pans.  If you're not moderately wealthy, your pans are light and/or washable in a dishwasher.  If you're very wealthy, somebody else does the dishes.  But if you're moderately wealthy?  Heavy gourmet cookware that you have to clean yourself.

What else belongs on this list...  Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

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May 17, 2006

Crude But NOT Clever


Spotted on the rack at Staples -- Dealing With People You Can't Stand, with an inscription probably not added by the author.  Clicking on image will make it larger (but not more sensible nor more grammatically correct).

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May 16, 2006

A Theme, Maybe

At dinner last night with Randy and Lisa:

Me:    I love Carlos Mencia.  He kills me.

Lisa:   Really?  Maybe I should watch more.  I didn't think he was that funny the first time I saw him.

Me:    He's crude and cleverly racist -- is that not enough?!

I really do love crude and cleverly racist humor that doesn't come from a deep wellspring of meanness.  Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Carlos Mencia are masters of that (though Chappelle has said to Oprah that he realizes he has sometimes crossed the line into irresponsibility, and he will refine).

Speaking of crude, and today's blog title, I refer you of another conversation with Randy and Lisa, here.

And if you want a copy of Mencia's Wetback Mountain parody (co-starring Mario "Slater" Lopez of Saved by the Bell), email me and I'll send it to you.  I liked the parody but wonder if it was one layer too complicated for what it was trying to achieve.

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May 15, 2006



Happy MA in Journalism to our pal Grace (with mom at her side, and sister off to the side capturing the moment).


Note to regular readers: thank you for your patience (or you're welcome for your time off) while I've been away from blogland the last two weeks.  Allergies, couch surfing, dog-care dictating my sleep (or lack thereof) and what do you know, I've been completely without energy and waiting for something to inspire me back online.  Thank goodness Grace graduated today (and thank goodness she and her mom are so photogenic), else I might not have come back online for two or three more weeks.

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