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Apr 05, 2006

The Sustaining and Sustainable Starlu

Starluravioli600_1 Restaurant Starlu's Potion of the day -- cheese ravioli in a tomato and cream sauce.  My, my, my -- so fine and just what I needed for a complete lunch.

Will it someday move to the main menu?  I hope so.

If K. had been with me, someone would have licked the plate, but I just used a bit of bread.  Either way, I'm keeping the faith because, as we all know:

Every smidg-en's sacred.
Every smidg-en's great.
For every smidg-en wasted.
God gets quite irate*

I would go on about the dish, but better yet to tell you that a new chef has joined Starlu and this dish was her creation.  I can't recall her name but I'm pretty sure she knows I like her.

Regarding sustainability: I'll mention that of the four items pictured above, only three of them stayed good news for more than today.

1.  Excellent food from excellent new chef at Starlu?  Yep.  Here today and here tomorrow.

2.  Tom DeLay quits race and leaves Congress?  Yep again.  Happy today and happy tomorrow.

3.  Diet Coke with no ice and a slice of lemon?  Oh mais oui.  Always.

4.  Smiling Duke basketball coach?  Mm.... not so much.  Basketball not been berry berry good today for the hometown squad.  Unless you live in College Park.

Hours update: as of Summer '06, Starlu is now seven days a week, dinner only.


*Sorry.  Couldn't resist.  Right -- eyes forward.  Move along.

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Yum. Yum. Yum. I actually had a student email me last night asking whether, if Duke won, would a certain out-of-class session thingy be cancelled? WTF? Is that normal, I wonder?

Posted by: Jenny P. | Apr 5, 2006 9:48:33 AM

Some of my friends seem to dislike Starlu for some reason, but I get over there whenever I have the chance. Or, to make another Python reference: "I'll take your food: I love it!"

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas | Apr 5, 2006 7:03:53 PM