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Apr 06, 2006

Non-Intuitive Jeff Hawkins

"Intuition leads scientists astray every time.  Your intuition about the nature of reality is very likely to be wrong.  Instead, take a careful look at what you know.  The answer is hidden there."

-- Jeff Hawkins, quoted in Wired Magazine (Mar 2006)

This quote reminds me of some lines from the Gospel of Thomas:

-- Jesus said: He who knows the All but fails (to know) him-self lacks everything.

-- Jesus said: I am the light that is over them all. I am the All; the All has come forth from me, and the All has attained unto me. Cleave a (piece of) wood: I am there. Raise up the stone, an ye shall find me there.


Translation from The Gospel of Thomas, Elucidation...

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I think most of my personal intellectual striving is my rational side trying to justify (or prove wrong) my intuitive side. Problem: my intuitive side is the smart one; my rational side is a stupid, lazy laggard. What's a boy to do? If it weren't for my intuitive side, I'd probably be working in a convenience store, or at best be an auto mechanic or line cook. [Come to think of it, maybe I should be doing those things anyway. :( ]

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas | Apr 7, 2006 11:13:18 AM