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Mar 17, 2006



So, just call me the latest in a long line of good people like Christa, "Wendy", and Georg, who have fallen in love with LocoPops on Hillsborough Rd. at the edge of Old West Durham.

After six months of occasional visits, now it seems like I'm dropping by every day they're open.  Recent fave flaves include: MangoCoconutBasil, GuavaMint, SomethingThyme, PeppercornCream, Pistachio, and OliveOilCream (aka the best little taste surprise I've had in any venue for quite a while).

The weird thing: now I'm measuring everything in units of LocoPops.  Yesterday I spent 1,900 LocoPops on various repairs to the Alfa.  But that was slightly offset when I sold an accordion for 175 LocoPops.  (Today I looked at a 1000-LocoPop accordion but it wasn't for me -- thank God.)  Kaudie and I had dinner at Provence Tuesday night; the tapenade-crusted grouper was 24 LocoPops.  (My glass of soda water was 2-1/2 LocoPops, but it was "bottomless".)  I also discovered this week that I can save ~50 LocoPops per month on storage if I move out of the Kangaroo Dr. facility to a place way out on Hillsborough Rd.

1/100th of a LocoPop for your thoughts?


Image hacked from TwoPagans.com -- an interesting site.

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I have never, ever had one. But I want one, NOW!! I want to spend my whole unemployment check (if/when I get it, and also if/when I stop working) on them. And? I'll loan you my crazy all-access parking pass at the evil U. so you can save some locopops. That is if it's convenient, and I am not working. It's way too early to be awake. But that's because I have the day off and can take a nap later. Oh dear, I do ramble.

Posted by: lastewie | Mar 17, 2006 6:46:10 AM

we could form a club this summer. people who drive around in convertibles eating locopops all day, every day.

Posted by: lisa | Mar 17, 2006 7:29:19 AM

that is the perfect illustration for this entry!

last summer when I bought a wee cooler and we bought every Locopop that sounded good? those were good times. I think the white chocolate peanut butter made my eyes roll back in my head with happiness.

Posted by: pinky | Mar 17, 2006 8:28:43 AM

The white chocolate peanut butter is my son's fave. Nothing has topped the lavendar cream for me, though white chocolate mocha is pretty close. And the mojito. I'm going to do the cooler thing too sometime

Posted by: Marianne | Mar 17, 2006 9:03:28 AM

Update from Mexico. I havenĀ“t tried any local paletas yet. Will try to, soon. Had some on a previous trip, though and can say that LocoPops is a quality quality product.

Posted by: Phil | Mar 20, 2006 10:13:03 PM

Update: I just found out that someone stole 479 LocoPops from my bank account by hijacking my eBay account. Fortunately I stopped another ~950 LocoPops fropm escaping, with a little help from PayPal and Wachovia.

Posted by: Phil | Mar 28, 2006 3:31:31 PM

I don't know you, but I love LocoPops

Posted by: Maureen | May 2, 2006 6:43:05 PM