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Dec 20, 2004

China Palace, Durham -- Part II


Once again, a few words about my beloved China Palace.   

Actually, a thousand words, what with the new pic (taken by happy me), above.  Clockwise, from left: scallion pancakes, Chinese greens with oyster sauce, noodle soup-beef with wide rice noodles, chili paste, bowl of white rice.

For more commentary, driving directions, etc., please click here -> China Palace, Part I

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OMG, that looks SO good!

Posted by: lisa | Dec 20, 2004 11:34:18 PM

Oh, Lisa -- you know it's true! Do please go at your earliest convenience. I'll be happy to join you if I'm around.

When the server asked, "is everything OK?" I had to say, "No! Everything is not OK, everything is GREAT!"

There are several dishes with tripe -- all yummy if you ask me. But not everybody likes tripe, so ask your pals before you order enough to share. Also FYI, avoid the Singapore Noodles unless you know you like the recipe.

Speaking of tripe, El Cuscatleco up the block on Garrett Rd. (almost to 15-501) has fantastic tripe soup.

Posted by: Phil | Dec 20, 2004 11:54:25 PM