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May 31, 2004

"Chickenbutt! That's What!"


Chickabicks at Sam and Rachel's Place

Last week at lunch after Mrs. Swygert's memorial service, her friend Ivey pulled me aside to mention, "I've been thinking about something you said yesterday." I wondered, was it some observation about life or our deceased friend that had caught his attention? But no.

Ivey continued: "You said 'chickenbutt!' and I haven't heard that for a long while but I used to say it all the time."

Do you play chickenbutt? The rules are simple. Anytime, any place, if someone says "What?" you yell "Chickenbutt! That's What!" That's it. I don't know why I think that's so funny, but I do.

Some friends and learned to play chickenbutt when we were in college, and Lordy did we wear that joke thin. Now, I often forget about it for months at a time, but then someone says "What?" and my limbic system makes me go "Chickenbutt, that's what." These days, it usually comes out sotto voce so there's no harm done if the other person doesn't get it, which they usually don't. But when they do I feel like we've exchanged a secret handshake.

Last week I was playing with some little kids I had just met, when one asked (in that cute way kids do) "You know what?"

"Chickenbutt! That's what!" I replied. To which her surprised Mom said, "Wow, my kids say that all the time -- how did you know?"

The kid just grinned. And told me she wanted to be an eye doctor. Opthalmalogist, that's what.

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dude, yes, i totally do that!

but only when i know it's going to get a big laugh.

Posted by: lisa | May 31, 2004 9:57:15 AM

yeah, but do you know why?

Posted by: joy | Jun 1, 2004 4:54:26 PM

If Joy's question is for Lisa, please ignore the rest of this comment.

If Joy's question is for Phil: um, no. Why?

Posted by: Phil | Jun 1, 2004 4:58:08 PM

chicken thigh!!!!

har har har

i crack myself up!

Posted by: joy | Jun 1, 2004 5:41:57 PM

Your mention of "chicken" and "crack" make me think you have gone psychic on me, and know what's coming in tomorrow's blog... tune in tomorrow and let me know!

Posted by: Phil | Jun 1, 2004 5:53:49 PM

But HOW? you must then ask!

Unfortunately, to much chagrin, chicken's don't have eyebrows.

They don't have hair either.

Such a pity.

Posted by: Adam Schultz | May 26, 2008 11:35:03 PM