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Dec 14, 2003

News of the World, from Around the World | link

On Saddam-surrender days like these, I get a little curious about what the rest of the world considers front page news. Fortunately, there's one link that gets me many places in a hurry: Onlinenews.com "Thousands of Newspapers at your Fingertips." ,

Many newspapers in non-English-primary countries (e.g., Indonesia) have English-language newspapers online. Just remember that if you're looking for a local perspective, you have to think twice about who their publisher and intended audiences are.

But if you're looking for light-hearted adventure, why not experience the thrill of reading international papers in languages you've never had the time to learn? The Durna (Tabriz, Iran) proclaims today: "S*ddam Tutuldu." While the BBC Welsh edition Cymru'r Byd leads, "Diweddaraf -- Ann Clwyd yn croesawu dal Saddam Mae Ann Clwyd, cynrychiolydd arbennig Tony Blair yn Irac, wedi croesawu'r cyhoeddiad bod Saddam Hussein wedi'i ddal" with an accompanying photo of a woman I'm guessing is Tony Blair's top official in Iraq. (Either that, or she's Saddam's second wife, who supposedly gave him up to the Man, according to "well-placed Lebanese sources" quoted in the South African Mail & Guardian. Sometimes it's hard to tell these things.)

For for those of you with a little Spanish, check out the Portuguese language papers to enjoy the frustration of "I think I know what they mean, but damned if I'd trust Brazil's O Globo ("A humilhação de Saddam") for directions from my Rio de Janiero hotel to El Museo de la Guerra.

Shouf, eh?

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