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Apr 16, 2009

West Village Parking -- And They're Not Even "Smart"

West Village Street Parking
Above, four cars fit into three parking spaces on W. Morgan Street at West Village.

The 600/700 blocks of W. Morgan Street are some of downtown's "magic parking" -- pockets of good spots with no time limit.  I've been using them for several months and one of the first things I noticed is that they were sized for the big cars of my childhood.  I wonder how that happened?  In any case, it's a nice throwback.

Note that throwback sizing works well for parking spots, but not for, say, stadium seats which (I've read) used to be smaller, but have been resized over the years to accommodate the spreading American butt.

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I've noticed just how HUGE the spaces are down here a number of times. Do you think squeezing in four cars is legal? I hope so; it's certainly good use of space!

Posted by: The Gourmez | Apr 19, 2009 10:27:30 PM