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Mar 31, 2009

Discovered on Main Street?

Main Street Extra App

Guess who wants to be in the movies?

Main Street is casting for extras, so on Saturday I dropped by the Homestead Suites along with dozens of others:

Dreams of Glory

Maxann Crotts runs the company that Main Street hired to cast extras.  I didn't meet Maxann but the woman who took my form asked if I wanted to have head shots taken or to sign up for any acting classes.

"No thanks," I said. 

I worry that if I ever learned how to "act", I'd use those powers for evil.

Maxann's instructions for extras:

  • don't talk anywhere on the set unless the director tells you to.
  • be prepared to sit for a long time doing nothing.
  • don't bring valuables to the set -- if they get stolen, you're out of luck.

I'll bet Elrond Hubbard has yet more.


With luck, I'll get to check off an item on this list.

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Kudos for finding a way to check off an item on the list! This rocks!

Posted by: ACW | Apr 1, 2009 7:33:13 AM

I hope you get cast. Marghie had a blast standing around all day in the freezing cold as an extra in "Seabiscuit".

Posted by: tim | Apr 1, 2009 10:02:37 PM

When will you know if you made the cut?

Posted by: Buck | Apr 4, 2009 1:29:02 PM

@Buck -- I'll probably find out right around the time I get on a plane to SFO. Visiting there 17th to 24th, which may zap my chances at being discovered by the Main Street director, but maybe I'll get lucky and get called for a day on either side of the trip. They're filming April 6 through May 11.

Posted by: Phil | Apr 5, 2009 10:55:36 PM

Oh well. Looks like no movie spot for me.

Hey -- if Orlando Bloom came into your restaurant with two dogs (not legal in restaurants around here), would you make them scoot? Would it make any difference if your restaurant were French?

I think that people in the convention/visitors/movie biz would be annoyed with you if you if you closed your doors to a movie star. Presumably, your restaurant and the CVB/movie folks have a common interest in having more people with money come around Durham.

Of course you might take some pride in being one of the only restaurants in the world to close the door on Orlando Bloom (and certainly the only restaurant in Durham). But would it be cutting off your nose to spite your face?

Perhaps the hardest part for me would be letting go of the incident after it happened: whether or not I let them stay.

Reminds me of a story about two monks who encounter an attractive woman stuck at a creekside crossing. She asks if they might carry her across the creek, and one says "OK" and does. After the crossing, the monks and the woman part ways.

Later that afternoon, the other monk asks, "Hey -- what's up with you and the woman at the creek? Don't you know that we're not supposed to interact with the opposite sex?"

The first monk says, "Man, I put her down five miles ago. Why are you still carrying her?"

Posted by: Phil | May 2, 2009 12:53:25 PM