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Feb 09, 2009

If All Republicans Were as Civic-Minded, Decent and Generous as You...

"If all Republicans were as civic-minded, decent and generous as you are, I'd vote for them.  But since they're not, I'll stick with the wasteful Dems who do a lot of stupid things but also try to make sure everyone's covered."

I said this to my friend Christian just before the 1992 Clinton/Bush race.*

Today's headline in the Washington Post: If Spending Is Swift, Oversight May Suffer -- Plan's Pace Could Leave Billions Wasted reminded me of that conversation.

Do I still feel the same in 2009 as I did in 1992?  Sadly, I do.  At least in terms of my evaluation of the each party's approach to domestic policy.  I hope the next four years will allow both parties to change and for my opinions to follow suit.  But that's hope talking, not optimism.**


*Christian and I happened to be work colleagues and MBA classmates at the same time.  One of our executive MBA classmates circulated a poll just before the election, and it came out something like: Clinton 41%, Bush 38%, Perot 19%, Mickey Mouse 2%.  Christian said, "Crap -- if we can't win in this room, we don't have a chance."  And he was right.  Our room's tally was within one or two percentage points of the national count.

**See Cornel West and Peter Gomes on Hope vs. Optimism in the Archer Archives.  See also Getting to Peace.

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I had heard somewhere that conservatives give more to charities than liberals; lower income people more than higher income people; and religious people more than the non-religious. Here's an article that talks about this.


Of course, it doesn't say what the charities are. So who knows whose giving is really helping!

Posted by: Elrond Hubbard | Feb 12, 2009 11:23:56 AM