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Nov 10, 2008

"Happy Birthday, I Got a President..."

If I've learned one thing since last year, it's that the internet has many photos of the number "40" but few of the number "41".

Last year on my birthday, I found a nice number "40" and I asked y'all to consider doing stuff.

This year I got a nice new president.  So never mind about the photo.  And never mind about y'all doing stuff.  I'm satisfied.  Thank you!


Speaking of presidents and birthdays, this video weirds me out:

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Happy Birthday, Mister Resident (of North Carolina, where the sky is once again BLUE)...

You're looking good for 41!

Posted by: Dave | Nov 10, 2008 7:34:20 PM

Happy birthday, Phil. :)

Posted by: Joseph H. Vilas | Nov 10, 2008 7:54:13 PM

Weirds you out? Dude, I still say that if Bill had had the guts to walk up to the mike, whip out two photos and say, "Hillary . . . Monica . . . any questions?" no one would have had the guts to impeach him and he would have been the man for his last few months in office. Weirds you out? You'll have to explain that one. ;-)

Posted by: Doc | Nov 10, 2008 8:44:34 PM

I agree; I still find that performance a little too... intimate.

Posted by: CWC | Nov 20, 2008 11:48:03 AM