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Nov 30, 2008

Get Smart -- Saving the World... and Loving It


Ha!  Perfect light entertainment. 

The Good

  • Lotsa yuks
  • Surprisingly good camera work
  • No unnecessary lingering or overemphasis during (the millions of) movie references or crude jokes
  • Clever lines that didn't break the rhythm of the movie
  • Extended shots of the Gehry-designed Disney Concert Hall in LA (inside and out).
  • Alan Arkin.

The Bad

  • The score
  • The fact that I now want to re-see the Cody Banks movies to compare cinematography and pacing.

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Based on your rec, I'll rent it. Catching up. Hope your holiday was great.

Posted by: Doc | Dec 2, 2008 10:49:20 PM

Related quote from today's New York Times article on the Obama team's reaction to efforts to link them to the Blogojevich scandal:

"Even though Mr. Obama had no known personal involvement, the Clinton veterans understood that was only part of the issue. They had Mr. Obama publicly declare he had never spoken with Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich about the Senate appointment. They imposed a cone of silence on colleagues so they would not make a remark that could come back to haunt them. And they ordered an internal inquiry to document any contacts with the governor’s advisers."*

The use of "cone of silence" in a serious article fascinated me. I'm sure that language from comedy migrates into serious language all the time, without commentary or pointed-out irony, but this is the first that I recall noticing.

*Acid Test -- The Lasting Effects of Political Poison, Peter Baker, NY Times, December 18, 2008.

Posted by: ArcherPelican | Dec 14, 2008 12:17:55 PM

you forgot to add in The Good:

Anne Hathaway

Posted by: tim | Dec 14, 2008 8:37:07 PM

you forgot to add in The Good:

Anne Hathaway

Posted by: tim | Dec 14, 2008 8:37:32 PM

you forgot to add in The Good:

Anne Hathaway

Posted by: tim | Dec 14, 2008 8:37:44 PM

um, ok, I think she's hot, but I didn't mean to post it three times...

Posted by: tim | Dec 14, 2008 8:39:00 PM

Heh. Post it three times. That's funny. Heh heh. That's funny.

For whatever reason, Anne Hathaway doesn't do that much for me. But near as I can tell, I've never caught her eye either, so we we can call it even.

The laser-beam scene was pretty "hot", though. "Are you staring at my butt?" "No, no.. I'm not. OK, now I am."

Posted by: Phil | Dec 15, 2008 10:52:13 AM

Amazingly I've never seen this movie, even though I love Steve Carell. Well Christmas is coming up, so hopefully I get my hands on it.

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