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Nov 08, 2008

Dumb Things -- and Staying Put, Catching Up


There is no end to the stupid things people I will do to get some WiFi signal, and no end to the stupid things bloggers I will do to document it.  Above photo taken on the second floor balcony, courtyard side, at the Hotel Iberia in La Ceiba, Honduras.  A fine value at ~$18 per night.  Just don't take the rooms that face Avenida San Isidro.  The balconies are great but the street is very loud and the windows are very thin.  Below, a pic from the room I could not nap in and soon traded for another.  Yes, that is a Wendy's sign in the distance, with the cathedral just beyond:


For the week I spent at Hotel Iberia, I enjoyed hanging with the staff in their tiny lobby, especially at night when we'd lounge on the soft couches, watching TV.  The owner was visiting relatives in Spain so he left his son, Luis, in charge.  Luis, who usually manages the family's small ranch outside town, was as nice as nice could be.  One evening as I was getting ready to find a beer in the Zona Viva, he also cautioned me about going out alone (as I had done the night before, duh).  So of course I got paranoid and asked if he wanted to come along. 

Next thing you know, Luis and two of his staff and I were zipping around town in his dad's four-door pickup truck.  We had a great evening, despite the struggles I had trying to grab the bar tabs at the two or three places we stopped.  Unlike the beggars who routinely dropped by the hotel's lobby and sidewalk stoop, these guys had no interest in taking greenbacks from the gringo.  But I'm glad they were gracious enough to let me insist.

While we were out, the hotel was faithfully guarded by the last remaining male employee -- a whip-thin guy who carried a machete wrapped in a pretty scabbard.  Most hotel guards in La Ceiba carried guns, so I'm not sure what was up with this one.  But he was fun to chat with most any time.  Below, the lobby/lounge/guardshack by day.  FYI, most people in Honduras have all their limbs, despite the suggestions of this blurry phone-pic:


La Ceiba.  Happy memories.

So it looks like I'm going to stay in the Triangle through March.  This is not a bad thing.  I've enjoyed traveling for most of 2008, but it won't kill me to stay put for a while, earn some money and maybe even catch up writing the backlog of travel blogs I've meant to do since January.*  And shucks, I might even visit with my long-missed friends!


*I'll probably post them on current dates while I'm getting them done, and then maybe I'll move them back to the dates they actually come from.  Or not.  The reasons I am mentioning this are not worth explaining, so I'll leave you with Maddox's definition of a blogger:

Blogger: Term used to describe anyone with enough time or narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful lives.

Maddox has other humorous definitions, including:

Liberal media: Whiny, bitching, cry-baby conservatives love to prattle on and on about the "liberal media." To be fair, except for FOX News (Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, John Gibson, Neil Cavuto, Steve Doocy, E.D. Hill, Brian Kilmeade, Brit Hume), Clear Channel, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, Ann Coulter, Newsmax, G. Gordon Liddy, Michael Reagan, Michael Savage, The New York Post, Sinclair Broadcast Group (WLOS13, Fox 45, WTTO21, WB49, KGAN, WICD, WICS, WCHS, WVAH, WTAT, WSTR, WSYX, WTTE, WKEF, WRGT, KDSM, WSMH, WXLV, WURN, KVWB, KFBT, WDKY, WMSN, WVTV, WEAR, WZTV, KOTH, WYZZ, WPGH, WGME, WLFL, WRLH, WUHF, KABB, WGGB, WSYT, WTTA), David Horowitz, Rupert Murdoch, PAX, and MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, they're right.

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Yay! It's good to know that you'll be around for a while. :)

Posted by: Lenore | Nov 8, 2008 9:01:07 PM