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Nov 08, 2008

Blue Coffee Cafe, Blue City Durham


Above, Blue Coffee Cafe on Election Night.
Off camera to the left, a TV set is counting up the delegates.

After a few hours here on Tuesday, Dave from Boston declared Durham his new second favorite city in the world.  In town on a business trip for the NIH, he celebrated his fifty-something birthday at a packed Blue Coffee Cafe.

"I had no idea about this place," he said.  "I'm staying at the Marriott and assumed I was going to spend the evening in my hotel room, watching the TV and jumping up and down by myself.  But then I looked out my window and saw a bunch of people, so I came on down."

With the delegate count around 220, Dave let my pal Jenny treat him to some birthday coffee but he refused any hugs until Obama was over the top.  "I'm old school, and I've been disappointed enough times that I'm not going to jinx this." 

While we waited, I told him that he was standing right where Obama had visited in May, and where the still-needing-to-win-the-primary candidate treated his gathered supporters to a few slices of baked Blue Coffee yumminess.* Meanwhile, I knocked off my own fantastic slice of red velvet cake -- chosen without irony, and enjoyed more than any I'd ever tasted.

When the newscasters finally called California and the race, Dave joined the yelling, clapping and hugging without any New England reserve.  "Wow," he said.  "Four decades ago, I could never have imagined this..." Looking around at all the happy on his birthday, he declared, "Durham is now my second favorite city.  This place is great."


*Actually, I told Dave it was pie.  I found out later that it was all cake, and that my memory was off.  I can tell you, however, that Blue Coffee was much more crowded than the photo, above.  I think that by the time I took that photo (after 270), more people had gone outside to holler in the streets.

Recommended visits: That's No Bull's Blue Coffee blog entry from May and the The Durham News' post-election coverage also centered around the Cafe.

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