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Oct 21, 2008

That's Right (I'm Not From Texas)

Maybe I'm seeing something different because I expected something different.  But man, Texas is different.  Late last week I drove eight hundred miles from El Paso (at the western tip) to Mission (near the southern tip), and what I've seen makes me believe I can understand why Texas thinks of itself as "apart from".

I can't at all explain it, but Lyle Lovett will sing you the distance between his people and me:

I've been listening to Lyle all week -- my tour guide and friend in an unfamiliar space.  In Las Cruces, NM near the border, I had acquired two Obama stickers and put them on my back window.  At the Texas welcome center I added a "Don't Mess With Texas" sticker (handed out free with every tour magazine) underneath. Kind of for protection. 

Last night at an open-air honky tonk on the Rio Grande (you could throw a baseball into Mexico if you wanted), I discussed politics with folks who did not necessarily share my point of view.  A Border Patrol SUV prowled the parking lot nearby.  And my cell phone frequently reminded me that automatic time zone changes were not guaranteed for where I was sitting, and that roaming charges would apply.

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Yeah, I "know" Texas....and in our own "back yard" ~ sometimes hard to believe....there is more to this thought; maybe for later.

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