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Oct 03, 2008

Johnny Delegate-Seed, 277 Votes on the 12,000-mile Campaign Trail


At RealClearPolitics.com, you can create your own delegate map.

Above, a Johnny Delegate-Seed record of my 16-week road trip. If you give Obama every state that I will have visited between July 15 and Election Day (when I arrive back in NC), he gets 277 electoral votes to McCain's 261. 

The "home stretch" is key -- I'm picking up 96 delegates between October 11 and November 1 on the southern third of my route. 

And of note: every little decision counts.  I almost skipped Oregon and Wyoming for a ten delegate swing.  Whew.

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have you considered a detour thru florida on your way back?

Posted by: georg | Oct 3, 2008 11:33:01 AM