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Oct 13, 2008

Fasting in California

Last week in Claremont I attended not one but two Break Fasts at the end of Yom Kippur.  I hadn't fasted for the ~24 hours beforehand, though I might have, had I known more and given it some thought.  At the first Break Fast, three items came from the host's favorite deli at home in New York.  There was smoked whitefish, pickled herring in sour cream, and smoked salmon.  Oh. My. G-d.  So good.

Meanwhile (or sort of -- if you go back to July), six hours to the north in Salinas, Mayor Dennis Donohue took a week-long one-meal-a-day Fast for Peace.  The mayor was looking for a new method to create change in his gang-troubled town, and he was joined by a city council member and the chief of police, and an untold number of others.  See here for the July fast coverage and here for the mayor's call to take the Fast for Peace statewide.

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