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Oct 02, 2008

Bike-Friendly Berkeley


University Ave., Berkeley.

I can understand why most of the bike is gone (i.e., the bike owner was lazy or stupid).  But why the tire and the innertube?  The tire would have taken some effort to steal, since the bead is pretty sturdy.  The tire underneath (even if cut) would be useful like a bungee cord for a homeless person (and there are many in Berkeley).  But still...  I'm guessing someone removed the tire and inner tube just because.  Kind of a moral obligation to penalize someone for locking their bike poorly.  (It sometimes seems that people in the big cities have different rules -- like the mafia guys who say, "look, this isn't personal.  I'd love to forgive you and let you live.  But if I don't kill you, other people are going to think I'm weak, and they're going to make a mess of the system.  So...  Sorry.  Bam.")

When I was an undergrad, I once locked my bike very carefully to a parking meter post that I later realized had no parking meter on it.  Someone could have slipped my bike right off the top.  But no one did.

I was once in New York City walking past Rockefeller Center at Christmas.  Big fluffy snowflakes were falling slowly and quietly.  The sidewalk was packed with people.  It was lovely.  Then in front of me I noticed a (presumed) out-of-towner holding up a small stack of twenties that he was apportioning out to his family.  I wanted so badly to yank them out of his hands and to shove them back into his pockets while yelling, "Hey are you a complete idiot?!"  But I didn't.  Because, you know, I was also an out of towner.  The locals should have first dibs on fun stuff like that.

Gosh -- why am I sounding so gruff and grumpy?  I hope it isn't just because I've been in the big city for a few weeks.  I hope it's just because I've got one of those eyeball headaches.  OK.  To bed, then. 

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