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Sep 30, 2008

Request:Complimentary Detail

My friend Bronwyn gives the greatest compliments.  Sometimes she says something nice to you about you, and other times she tells you something nice about someone else. 

I love how she notices things (both little and large) that other people don't, acknowledges them out loud, and provides the details that both edify and make you realize that she really knows what she's talking about.  Her compliments are worth something extra, because I know that her opinions are well-founded.  (The same applies to her criticisms.)  And also because there's a decent chance that I wasn't aware of the thing she's complimenting until she's pointed it out.  (Add to the fun, she rarely gushes.  Her deliveries are almost always matter-of-fact.)

When I catch myself giving an especially good compliment, I often think she inspired both my willingness and ability to do so.

So anyway, back to this blog.  My request/offer to you:  tell me something good about someone -- either for something they did recently, or something about their nature.  Feel free to be superficial or substantial.  Feel free to name names, but don't feel obligated.  Multiple entries permitted.  Likelihood of winning is based on the number of entries you submit.  The more you submit, the more you win.

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When I lived in DC, I love, love, loved how the compliment man managed to give compliments without 1) ever seeming to have an angle 2) without ever seeming to be smarmy or inappropriate. He is (was? not sure if he's still there) just pure goodness.

Posted by: Jenny | Sep 30, 2008 4:12:02 PM

Can't believe this has been up for over 36 hrs and only Jenny has stepped up to the plate.

Thomas Bonner, Jr., Professor Emeritus at Xavier University has been my mentor and role model for just over 17 years now. What I admire most about him, and try hardest to emulate (though falling short more often than not) is that I've never heard him offer a negative comment about anyone. He's an astute observer of those around him, but his commentary on those people is always offered in a positive way. It's a character trait I'm still trying to master.

Posted by: Doc | Oct 1, 2008 7:00:40 PM

Oh, oh, I get to do Phil. One of the many things I like about Phil is his commitment to spiritual growth, which goes hand in hand with his integrity--integrity in the sense of integrating his values into everything he does. Whether it's in his relationships with family, friends, or business associates, Phil always strives to honor and empower others, to connect with honesty and compassion; and that's no small feat. Hats off, Philindo. Love you! : )

Posted by: Kaudie | Oct 1, 2008 7:13:58 PM